Financial Services

Financial Services

WorkFusion, SaaS platform, helps financial
businesses run leaner, faster and smarter information
supply chains by combining the power of automation, 
crowdsourcing, and employee expertise.

Faster and cheaper innovation

Competitive differentiation requires new insights and cutting-edge products, but the human resource and capital investment required to focus on innovation is prohibitive. Resources are locked in the maintenance of existing products and capital expenditure is in short supply. By providing a platform that brings inexpensive virtual workers and the best automation tools to the enterprise, WorkFusion lowers the barrier to innovation and puts long-tail knowledge products that haven't been economically viable within reach.

A modern solution for modern data

The financial industry runs on accurate, efficient and timely information. Legacy methods of work and infrastructures cannot handle the surging volume, variety and velocity of unstructured data. Machines alone aren't smart enough, and a human workforce isn't fast or cost-effective enough. WorkFusion brings together the best of both, creating workflows comprised of internal SMEs, crowdsourced workers, and the best automation tools, which enable financial operations to channel the fire hose of data into better, faster and less expensive knowledge products.

Limitless scale with limited budget

BPO and offshoring provided affordable workforce scale the past two decades, but rapidly rising wages in low-cost markets have eroded labor arbitrage benefits. Many popular markets have experienced wage inflation of 15% for the past decade. Some businesses have moved to secondary cities in the same markets, but either quality falls short or wage inflation catches up. There is a better way. WorkFusion atomizes complex workflows into simple microtasks, which can be automated by algorithms. Other microtasks that require human judgment are cost-effectively crowdsourced and quality-controlled by the software. Your valuable in-house subject matter experts (SMEs) are freed from back-office work to focus on higher-value content.

Standardize work, centralize effort

Thousands of companies issue new guidance in unstructured formats during filing season, and multiple divisions of the same company extract the same vital information from the same reports. Redundant effort is wasted effort. Structuring data on WorkFusion creates one standard process and enables the content created by one workflow to be used in another. The result is a modular, connected infrastructure of workflows and content that can be configured and reconfigured by any number of users within an organization. WorkFusion enables users to spend less time processing information and more time putting it to work.




Peter Marney, Head of Professional Services and Financial Vertical
Peter Marney
Financial Industry Advisor | Peer Q&A

As CCS's customer at one of the leading financial data providers, Peter helped to enable new product innovation, achieve operational scale and drive cost reduction using CCS's platform. He brings this insight and experience to CCS's financial industry customers as an advisor.  Contact Peter with your questions.

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