NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — WorkFusion builds on its commitment to power the digital transformation of work by launching the world's first free Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product for enterprise operations, WorkFusion RPA Express.​

"WorkFusion was created to help businesses born analog operate like businesses born digital," said Max Yankelevich, WorkFusion CEO. "RPA is typically the first step that enterprise businesses take to digitize. By making RPA free, we make it faster and easier for businesses to begin or accelerate their digitization efforts and grow into the full breadth of intelligent automation capabilities that WorkFusion provides."

Shared services organizations, often where digitization initiatives originate, operate $3 trillion worth of business processes within banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and other data-intensive industries. Making RPA free helps shared services and lines of business within companies support immediate transformation goals and get quick wins by automating enterprise applications. RPA Express lets customers freely automate the manual work of integrating Citrix, Oracle, SAP and other vital core systems by eliminating the "swivel chair" work of entering credentials, navigating application UIs, and performing core systems functions. While some RPA-only vendors provide free trials, WorkFusion is the first software company to provide a scalable, unlimited RPA product for free.​

"We are in the business of removing operational bottlenecks through software robots," said Alex Lyashok, WorkFusion's COO. "By delivering RPA as a free, enterprise-grade product designed for operations users, we remove both the operational bottlenecks of operating core systems as well as the business case bottlenecks that prevent customers from getting onto the intelligent automation stairway. It's a win for our customers and a win for us."​

WorkFusion RPA Express is available now via invited beta and will launch globally as a free download in early 2017. For more information, or to be a part of the WorkFusion RPA Express invited beta, visit

About WorkFusion
WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation empowers enterprise operations to digitize. WorkFusion combines robotic process automation (RPA), AI-powered cognitive automation, workflow, intelligent conversational agents, crowdsourcing and analytics into enterprise-grade products purpose-built for operations professionals. Operations teams at data-intensive organizations, such as global banking and financial services companies, healthcare and insurance providers, and BPO firms use WorkFusion Intelligent Automation to become leaner, more productive and agile.

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