Ascend 2020 | WorkFusion

1,000 Reasons to Automate

Ascend Summit April 7 & 8, 2020

New York City
415 5th Avenue Between 37th and E 38th St
New York, NY 10016

Discover your Reason

Ascend is more than just a conference – it’s an opportunity to join our mission and community to accelerate the world’s transition to more meaningful work. Ascend Summit 2020 is your chance to explore the unlimited ways your business can unlock growth, productivity and profitability with the latest in Intelligent Automation. Transform your operation and discover your reason.


From stirring keynotes and engaging workshops to innovative ideas, join us for two empowering days that will leave you energized to lead a new era of transformation at your business.

Come Back Soon for Full Agenda

If you would like to nominate a speaker or topic, please email eve0nts1@wo2rkf3usi4on.5com6

- Inspirational Keynotes

- Customer Success

- Workshops & Education


Spend time with the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation community. Enjoying chats over coffee to deep customer conversations, you’ll walk away with more than 1000 Reasons to Automate.