Intelligent Automation for AML

Streamline screening operations, expand capacity and save millions with our Intelligent Automation solutions for AML
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workfusion aml automation solutions
Trusted by:
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standard bank
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AML operations are labor-intensive and high-risk

AML is a balancing act

Every AML expert knows this is a complex and risk-heavy function. Reducing compliance costs leads to higher risk, while enhancing the coverage and quality of screening can slow things down.

Compliance debt is building up

The typical approach of throwing people at the problem doesn’t work. More manual work leads to more errors, which requires even more manual work... and a vicious cycle is created as compliance debt builds up.

The cost of manual work is rising

When employees have to waste time reviewing false-positive alerts, their dissatisfaction grows, and so does attrition. The costs of manual work, including hiring, onboarding and management continue to soar.

Smart banks turn to Intelligent Automation for solutions

Innovators like Scotiabank use Intelligent Automation to streamline operations in AML, compliance and sanctions screening

“We’ve been working with WorkFusion to apply Intelligent Automation to Adverse Media analysis and disposition. We’re on track to achieve huge return on investment, with a more compliant and efficient process.”

— Andrew Szabo, VP Smart Automation
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Transform your compliance operations

Improve the quality and capacity of your AML and screening operations while saving millions and avoiding regulatory actions

WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation offers financial organizations a new way to automate complex, document-heavy processes in AML, compliance and sanctions screening.

Our pre-built industry solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack to augment your workforce, reduce manual work and expand screening coverage, while cutting costs by 50% and more. 

The automation rate and accuracy of the solutions are continuously improved over time through cloud learning.

Best of all: You can deploy them and see results within just 10 weeks.

workfusion aml automation solutions
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Intelligent Automation solutions that work

Automate key processes in AML and sanctions screening with pre-built solutions and protect your business

WorkFusion Automation + IBM Cloud for Financial Services
Automation solutions are made stronger on the cloud

Through this partnership with IBM, WorkFusion automation customers within insurance and banking can now securely host workloads on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, in addition to their on-premises environments.

As teams across an organization use pre-trained WorkFusion Intelligent Automation bots, the models continuously learn and improve, which exponentially increases their precision and speed.

WorkFusion+IBM for Financial Services

One unified, all-inclusive, enterprise-strength platform

Start, expand and scale automation with Intelligent Automation Cloud

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