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How automation helped a top U.S. bank cut handling time in half

Customer: Top 10 U.S. bank

For years, the bank’s commercial loan booking team was unable to comply with SOX regulations. The loan booking process was highly manual, requiring analysts to key 80+ data fields into a system. Despite rigorous coded quality controls, the process was slow and prone to error.


The bank implemented WorkFusion Smart Process Automation (SPA). SPA trained cognitive bots, powered by machine learning, to automatically extract key data fields from several types of unstructured loan documents. Automating each step also created an ongoing audit trail, which enabled the bank and regulators to trace how bots interpreted and actioned data.


By automating the high-volume, repetitive work of data extraction, the bank’s valuable analysts were able to shift their focus to validating automated outcomes and to reviewing complex loans that are initially too complex to automate. This transformation increased the accuracy of the process, reduced the handling time per loan and gave the bank more analyst capacity for customer service.

Increased accuracy of data entry
WorkFusion SPA end-to-end implementation time
Reduced manual handling times per loan
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Find out more about the AI-driven RPA capabilities in WorkFusion’s Smart Process Automation and how we automate work that’s too complex for rules by turning high-volume data into smarter automation.
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Commercial loan booking

How automation helped a top U.S. bank cut handling time in half

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