R-Path Automation

Giving 10,000 hours back to the client by automating a single use case

WorkFusion partner R-Path Automation uses RPA to help their clients grow and lets employees spend time on what matters most.

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Telogical Systems

Automated process:

Collecting data from online resources


  • >10K FTE hours saved annually
  • 90% cost reduction
  • 99% automation of research data collection

Transforming data collection for research firms

Online data collection is one of the most common (yet most uninspiring) parts of a knowledge worker’s typical workday. And despite the considerable time it requires, it’s really just the starting point for the true value provided by research firms. What if all that data collection could be automated and research analysts could dedicate all their time to creating business insights instead?

R-Path delivered exactly that for their client, Telogical Systems— and they did it by using WorkFusion’s platform.

Download our short case study to learn:

  • How RPA automates data collection for research firms
  • What level of automation was achieved
  • Why the customer chose WorkFusion