WorkFusion Deployment Models

Deployment models

Choose the right Digital Workforce model and marshal the power of Intelligent Automation for your business​

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Get instant access to automation

Choose our standard Digital Workers and be automating within hours

Self-service download completes within minutes

No additional operational or infrastructure costs

WorkFusion owns and operates software

Multi-tenant / shared environment

managed services

Managed services

Scale automation on-demand

Install in private environment within a day

Single-tenant servers = one virtual private cloud (VPC) per customer

WorkFusion offers continuous quality control and updates

Offload operational and infrastructure costs, while maintaining highest degree of flexibility to customize and grow automation strategy

Private cloud

Fully own and operate your environment

Customer-owned and -managed environments

Implementation can be on-premise or via fully private VPC

private cloud

All models share these benefits:

Continuous learning

Continuous shared learning through the WorkFusion Network

Industry benchmarking

Ongoing industry benchmarking and algorithm updates

Data protection

Assured individual data protection via industry-leading information security

Want to know which deployment model is best for your business?

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Want to know which deployment model is best for your business?

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