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Intelligent Automation for Document Processing

The world’s best-performing companies rely on WorkFusion for document handling process automation, which enables them to handle billions of document pages annually.
Learn why Intelligent Automation for document processing is a critical capability for enterprise companies in this short video.
WorkFusion’s tightly integrated RPA, BPM and AI capabilities, unified within its intelligent automation platform, enable it to build business process automation solutions for a broad spectrum of automation projects.
— Everest Group Research
Boost productivity and customer satisfaction with intelligent document processing

Intelligent Automation for document processing performs three core functions:

  • capture data from email messages, PDFs, Word documents and other unstructured sources with computer vision and OCR
  • classify the file type with text mining and machine learning
  • extract relevant data with natural language processing (NLP)

Every day, companies have to deal with massive volumes of data in various paper and electronic formats. Traditional rules-based robotic process automation software can’t handle this unstructured data, which limits its ROI and scalability. WorkFusion provides a wide range of advanced AI-driven RPA tools for document processing use cases that let business people rapidly automate text-based processes in every industry, including banking, insurance, healthcare and CPG.

increase in employee productivity
decrease in document handling time
increase in data accuracy
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