WorkFusion and BSU Launch Education Program


Minsk, Belarus, November 30, 2018 — In their first joint project, the Minsk office of WorkFusion and Belarusian State University (BSU) have created a new program for the university’s students. This experience offers a different approach to technology education: less theory, more practice and hands-on immersion into the future of AI and automation.

“The university is often criticized for providing mainly theoretical knowledge. Our department decided to change the approach to provide students with more practice-oriented knowledge,” said Dmitry Marushko, BSU Department Head, Economics.

For WorkFusion, the goal is to show students the future of automation technology in terms of business and how they can apply it themselves. Now students can apply knowledge in real-world practices: They can automate processes of their choice, such as automating the purchase of movie tickets, using WorkFusion’s robotics process automation.

“Today’s enterprises don’t have problems with software; there are thousands of solutions. Integration of software is the key problem. This is solved by automated robots that interact with the existing infrastructure of the enterprise. Here we see the future: Bots and people are working together. We want to inspire students to pursue engineering careers within automation and AI through technology education and cooperation with the university,” said Yury Shilyaev, head of WorkFusion’s training center.

Andrei Harhots, WorkFusion’s director of Partner Development, added, “This is our first program, but we would like to expand to universities in India, Singapore and the U.S. The technology is very new and, of course, people may doubt whether they should go to this area. Our goal is to explain the opportunity, and the benefits that can be brought by similar technologies.”

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