WorkFusion and Selective Insurance Streamline New Commercial Lines Business Submissions

WorkFusion Selective partnership

NEW YORK, October 20, 2021, WorkFusion, a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation solutions, today announced its partnership with Selective Insurance to automate the intake of new commercial business submissions.

As a company committed to providing unique insurance solutions, Selective sought a highly reliable and precise solution that could automate routine activities and enable employees to gain efficiencies during the new business intake process. WorkFusion and Selective developed an Intelligent Automation solution that streamlines the input of new business leads for Selective.

Using WorkFusion’s proprietary technology, Selective has deployed trained submission hub (“SubHub”) bots to extract, classify and verify data contained in a wide range of new business submission documents, as well as connect seamlessly with Selective’s core systems.

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, we are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency. Our new commercial lines business submission process saves valuable time, enabling employees to refocus on customer-centric tasks that require a personal touch,” said Gordon Gaudet, Executive Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer, Selective Insurance.

WorkFusion’s user-friendly “human-in-the-loop” capability allows Selective employees to interact with bots for the highest level of automation. WorkFusion’s automation analytics lets operations managers track and manage bot performance for further optimization and increased throughput. With this capability, Selective uses SubHub bots to automate the processing of over 80% of in-scope new business submissions, saving an average of six minutes per transaction.

“We’re delighted to see how much success Selective Insurance has already achieved by automating their SubHub intake process using the WorkFusion® Intelligent Automation Cloud,” said WorkFusion CEO Adam Famularo. “We appreciate their partnership and look forward to enabling further success and growth as they continue their automation journey.”

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