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  • Deutsche Bank
  • Chubb
  • Scotiabank
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Standard Bank
  • Polaris

Start and scale your automation program with one complete award-winning platform

Fastest time to value 

Discover which of your processes are best suited for automation  and go live and gain benefits within 12 weeks (or less!)

Built-in intelligence 

Automate and analyze document-intensive processes with intelligent bots and advanced analytics 

Seamless scalability 

Increase automation securely across your enterprise with maximum control, compliance and auditability 

All the capabilities for rapid success

WorkFusion offers all the capabilities needed to automate across multiples functions within an enterprise with remarkable results. This all-in-one integrated platform means no gaps — and no obstacles.

  • workfusion pre trained bots
    Pre-trained Bots
  • workfusion document intelligence
    Document Intelligence
  • workfusion advanced analytics
  • workfusion discovery tools
  • workfusion automation orchestration
    Automation Orchestration
  • workfusion automation studio
    Automation Studio
  • workfusion trust and security
    Trust & Security
  • workfusion integration capabilities
  • workfusion architecture capability

Deploy Hyper Automation solutions to production within weeks

Packaged solutions are specialized and built to quickly automate the most time-consuming processes within specific industry domains. Intelligent bots are pre-trained on a vast array of documents and data. As a result, companies can additionally train the bots on their custom data and deploy Hyper Automation solutions to Production environments within just 12 weeks.

Over-the-air distribution and updates further reduce the time to value in production.

Automate processing of documents with unstructured data

Intelligent bots can understand complex documents with unstructured data to digitize, classify, make decisions, and extract data — and you’ll see the real impact right away.

These bots “learn” with each new document and example, continuously increasing the level of automation. A business-friendly user experience and automated steps reduce the need for coding or data scientists.

everest matrix
Everest Group has named WorkFusion a Leader in Intelligent Document Processing, for the second year in a row.
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Get actionable insights into your operations

Use embedded advanced analytics to get a comprehensive overview of your most important business and technical KPIs across processes, bots and people. We put the people (not technology) at the center, so insights are presented in a user-friendly and actionable way.

Business users can get answers to their most in-depth questions without any need to spend hours building pivot tables in Excel or dealing with your internal business intelligence department.

workfusion analytics dashboard

Automate the processing of documents with unstructured data

Use Case Navigator and other discovery tools make it easier than ever to find and evaluate which processes have the highest automation potential.

A catalog of proven use cases provides a fast and convenient way to jumpstart your automation success.

Explore automation use cases for your industry:

Manage your automation from a single location

Leverage orchestration capabilities to manage end-to-end automation workflows efficiently.

Overview the collaborative work of multiple bots and human-in-the-loop functionality from a single location and achieve efficiency and business agility.

workfusion orchestration control tower

Build automation workflows easily

Cloud and desktop tools enable seamless end-to-end workflow design and bot training for fast results.

  • Automate applications in a natural macro-like way without the need to code. 
  • Access libraries of pre-packaged components and an IDE for advanced cases, complemented with the best-in-class certification courses.

Protect your data with the highest security standards

Automate your process with the tools that are proven to comply with the most demanding data security standards in the industry.

Centralized data management, data segregation, role-based access control and other security tools ensure that your data and the data of your customers is always protected.

Seamlessly integrate with your applications

Integrate the WorkFusion platform with a variety of enterprise applications with pre-packaged connectors and APIs.

Read more about integration with SAP →

Connect to external monitoring platforms and user management systems to manage access to highly important, business-critical and sensitive workflows and data.

workfusion integration

Deploy and scale automation rapidly across your enterprise

Deploy the platform on-premise or in the cloud quickly, and scale at pace without manual intervention.

Platform configuration, isolation of workflows across different lines of business, plus pre-packaged logging and monitoring provides IT teams with the required controls over the automated operations.

workfusion architecture
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Achieve great results in 12 weeks or less

Our customers achieve remarkable results


Within only six months, the third-largest bank in Canada saved $4.2 million, freed up the time and effort equivalent to more than 100 compliance analysts, and turned its AML program into a competitive advantage.

  • $15M
    Projected annual cost savings
  • 95%
    Reduction in
    false positives
Standard Bank

The largest bank in South Africa leveraged Intelligent Automation to transform customer onboarding and reduce account opening time from 23 days to just 5 minutes, improving employee and customer experience.

  • 60%
    Cut in customer
    verification time
  • 1M
    processed per month
Polaris Transportation Group

A leader in transport and logistics for North America automated 80% of their customs document processing, reducing turnaround time and error rates to levels beyond expectations.

  • 80%
    Customs paperwork processing automated
  • 90%
    Reduction in
    shipment errors

Watch WorkFusion work

See how WorkFusion enables your entire automation journey

Use Case Discovery | WorkFusion
Use Case Discovery

Learn how to get started with Hyper Automation and identify use cases quickly with Use Case Navigator and other discovery tools.

Optimizing Automation |WorkFusion
Optimizing Automation

See how companies can get real value with pre-built automation, via examples of Identity Verification and Adverse Media Monitoring use cases.

intelligent automation cloud demo
Workforce Analytics

Watch the critical capabilities of WorkFusion platform in action and learn how to manage your automation over time.

The right solutions for the right use cases. All in one platform.

Recognized as Leader
Gartner logo

In comparison with the other products we reviewed, WorkFusion showed superior capabilities and vision by augmenting RPA with prepackaged, pretrained ML models designed for specific use cases, such as anti-money-laundering, loan processing and claims intake.

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for RPA
Ranked #1 in Augment Knowledge Workers
Gartner logo

WorkFusion provides reusable autoML and built-in ML capabilities to perform a wide array of ML tasks augmenting RPA scenarios.

Gartner Critical Capabilities for RPA 2020
Recognized as Leader
everest logo

WorkFusion provides innovative AI-driven automation capabilities within its integrated automation platform, Intelligent Automation Cloud, that brings together OCR, ML, NLP, RPA, BPM, analytics, and AI capabilities.

Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing PEAK Matrix® 2020
Ranked #1 in Innovation Capability
HFS logo

Customers value WorkFusion’s integrated cognitive and RPA capabilities, which enable straight-through processing of end-to-end processes, not just tasks.

HFS Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Software Products 2020

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