Analyst Report

Forrester: Pandemic Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans

As businesses plan how to survivethis report explains how automation offers a way to mitigate risks that this and future crises pose.

Report Summary

As we all know, the COVID-19 crisis has affected everything — governments, communities and individuals — and is precipitating structural changes within enterprises and the whole world of work. Now is the time to consider not just your crisis strategy, but your recovery strategy too.

In this recent report, Forrester analysts discuss the “jobless recoveries” of recent recessions, due to better automation and companies’ increasing investments in it. Will 2020 be similar?

The value of a digital workforce is compelling, as Forrester points out: “Digital labor does not fall ill and can perform repeatable tasks from anywhere with equal efficiency.” Plus, choosing automation tailored for your industry and its most common business processes, you can implement and start to gain value faster than you may have thought possible.

Read more analysis and guidance in the full report, which we’ve licensed for your use.

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