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RQ 2.0: Assess Your Readiness for Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Robotics

It’s more apparent every day that automation is the future of business, shaping the job market and pushing progress ahead on everything from ultra-efficient internal processes to next-gen customer service.

But many business leaders are not yet prepared for the investment it takes to maximize their chances of success. Honest appraisal and a solid roadmap are necessities for organizations that want to fully capitalize on the transformative potential of automation technologies.

This September 2019 report from Forrester Research presents a model that business leaders can use to test their organization’s robotic quotient (RQ) — evaluating the state of readiness for automation success. The model uses a framework of four elements that, when aligned, help produce the highest level of results:

  • People are the backbone of RQ, requiring employees who are not only skilled but highly adaptable to new ways of working.
  • Leaders drive RQ throughout an organization, combining influence and inspiration with the vision and ability to manage change.
  • Organizations with high RQ have structure and processes in place that attract and develop the right people with the right skillsets.
  • Trust is the “X” factor of RQ: When people, leaders, and the organization all have high trust, the business is better positioned for transformation.

The opportunity for improvement cannot be understated. On average, only 30% of global information workers agree with positive self-assessments that show readiness in the RQ model, only 22% say their leadership is well-positioned, and only 19% believe their organization is ready. 

But by using the PLOT framework to regularly assess the business for RQ readiness, and then tackling challenges by using prescribed best practices, leaders can take positive action toward a plan for true automation success.

Download your complimentary copy of this report now to help your organization plot its course to the future of business.