Kendrick, Customer Identity Program Analyst

See how Kendrick protects your organization’s reputation by verifying the identities of your customers

Hello. I’m Kendrick, a Customer Identity Program Analyst.

My role is specific: Make sure our customers are who they say they are. This is a core task for all customer onboarding and KYC [Know Your Customer] refreshes, regardless of interval. I also perform regular quality assurance reviews of customer identity documents and records. This is really important work, and a key part of adhering to regulatory policies in general.

Noncompliance and security breaches can result in huge fines for my company. You can click the link to see more details about the skills I’ve developed, and their applications. I work seamlessly with the rest of your traditional workforce, partnering with my real-world teammates in what we call “human-in the-loop” collaboration, where I only escalate as needed.

Want to see a brief preview of what I do every day? Let’s go…

When an individual or an entity opens new accounts, or when their accounts are due for a KYC refresh, I go ahead and look at all their identity verification information, such as passports, driver’s licenses, or any other form of a government ID. First, I find information such as their full name, ID number and expiration date, then make sure they match across all documents and systems. I can also ask for more information or escalate a case to my team if necessary. But most importantly, once this first step is completed, the rest of the team can work on the following steps — for example, screening the name against various watchlists.

Every time I encounter a new type of document, my teammates show me how to interpret it, so that next time I can do it on my own. As an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning!

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