Our Automation Training, Your Success

Access the skills and knowledge required for successful automation, regardless of your industry, business process or role.

End-to-end education for the entire team

We have created Skill Sets for essential roles in an automation team,
to ensure everyone is equipped to create successful automation at scale.

Learning Paths for forward-thinking leaders in banking, insurance and other industries | WorkFusion


On-demand courses discuss automation approaches, best practices, and business benefits. Designed for forward-thinking leaders in banking, insurance and other industries.

Learning paths for for all members of an automation team | WorkFusion


Role-based training for all members of an automation team — from RPA Developers to Machine Learning Engineers and Data Analysts.

Automation training for operations specialists | WorkFusion


Automation training for operations specialists on how to identify strong automation use cases and turn business requirements into automated workflows.

Learning paths for Platform Management and Support teams | WorkFusion


Designed for Platform Management and Support teams to learn how to set up, configure, monitor, manage and troubleshoot the platform.

Customers who train with us

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Training flexibility and scalability

Whether your team is remote, distributed across the globe, or centered in one location,
we offer a range of training formats — so you can count on us to offer what’s right for you.

Online automation training for all essential roles

35+ online courses are available to your team in our online learning platform, Automation Academy®, anytime and on all devices.

Your employees and colleagues can have flexibility to learn when and where they choose. Our dedicated support team and community forum also help ensure that your employees stay on track.

Virtual face-to-face training sessions

It’s possible to arrange customized remote-learning sessions that combine the convenience of online courses with the individualized quality of in-person instruction:

  • Supervised Digital Training: Our instructors guide your team members through Automation Academy courses.
  • Virtual Labs: This advanced engineering instruction includes practical exercises inspired by real automation use cases.

On-site in-person training

When appropriate and where possible, if customers and partners request in-person instruction, we offer on-site sessions (“Labs”) for business users, developers, operations specialists and other roles. They include:

  • Citizen Developer Labs teach business users to identify use cases, and, where feasible, automate them without need for coding.
  • Developer Labs provide training for your in-house automation and machine learning engineers, enabling them to successfully automate complex use cases.

Tailored enablement programs

Customers and partners can request personally tailored enablement programs that will reflect on immediate business needs and supplement a broader Digital Transformation strategy.

Certificates and diplomas upon course completion

Acknowledgements are issued after students’ knowledge and skills have been checked and confirmed, and validate their automation expertise.

Automation expertise proved by certificates | WorkFusion
WorkFusion Automation Academy

Pursue best-in-class automation training for any role on your automation team and gain competitive advantages for your business.

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