Hire a scalable AI AML compliance workforce

AI Digital Workers are pre-trained with years of AML experience to quickly automate compliance operations to mitigate risk.

Evelyn reviews sanctions, negative news and PEP alerts 24/7.

Tara reviews transaction sanctions alerts 365 days a year.

Trusted by financial institutions worldwide

AI Agents that Mitigate Financial Crime Risk

AI Digital Workers are proven technology controls that AML compliance organizations use as part of their risk mitigation toolkit. Easier, faster and cheaper than hiring employees or outsourcing, our AI agents quickly scale team capacity by fulfilling complete level 1 AML analyst job roles in functions like sanctions screening alert review, adverse media monitoring, transaction monitoring investigations, KYC and pKYC. 

They’re smart right out of the box — like hiring an employee with five years of experience. By automating the tedious work, your analysts have the time and clarity to focus on the areas that bring the most risk to the business.

AI Digital Workers mitigate risk from:

  • Alert surges/normalizing spikes
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Staff onboarding/retention
  • Missed escalations and true positives
  • Missing sanctions nexus
  • Bad rationale/incorrect adjudication types
  • Delays picking up alerts/alert adjudication from L1
  • Indefensible/inconsistent explanations
  • Alerts not cleared within 24 hrs from L2
  • Poor customer satisfaction

Financial crime compliance has never been more challenging





Global cost of financial crime compliance 1




of FIs Unhappy with Staffing Levels3

10x More Effective than Traditional Operating Models

Mitigate risk

by providing consistent and accurate alert adjudications

Improve compliance

with detailed narratives and complete audit trails for regulators

Fast onboarding

with minimal training time, typically within 4–6 weeks

Dynamically scale

to meet your organization’s growth targets and increasing alert volumes without sacrificing on quality

Explainable AI

aligned with MRM to explain how the AI derives its decisions

Enhanced with GenAI

to accelerate automation rates up to 95% STP, reduce error rates, and go beyond current template-based narratives

Put AI to Work

AI Digital Workers work around the clock to scale your AML compliance team.

Risk Management

Program Efficiency

Staff Management

AI Digital Workers can help your teams with...

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Incorporate AI Digital Workers as part of your AML compliance team.

Sanctions Screening

Adhere to BSA/OFAC requirements while automatically scaling up your capabilities for sanctions screening and name / PEP screening.

Adverse Media Monitoring

Streamline investigations of negative news and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties.

Transaction Screening

Adjudicate false-positive sanctions alerts, in near real-time, via an automated OFAC/AML expert that is laser-focused on keeping your transactions risk-free.

Customer Service

Resolve customer inquiries promptly and with the highest service standards by classifying email and attachments and routing emails to internal teams.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

Reduce manual work, lower risks, and deliver a faster and easier onboarding experience for your customers.

Transaction Monitoring

Mitigate risk by enabling earlier and faster escalation of potentially suspicious alerts.

Other Areas

Whether helping with customer service, billing & invoices, or data analysis, our custom AI Digital Workers are fast, reliable and easily tailored to fit your needs.

Fight Financial Crime with Purpose-Built AI Digital Workers