WorkFusion is accelerating the world’s transition to more meaningful work.

Our Intelligent Automation solutions are powered by pre-trained bots, proprietary artificial intelligence technology, and advanced analytics, working together to automate a wide range of business processes. Leading organizations worldwide use WorkFusion to automate their operations with ease and speed, helping them up-skill employees, reduce costs and unlock growth like never before.

WorkFusion is headquartered in New York City.

The evolution of WorkFusion

2012 – 2013: Every impactful business begins with a “what if?” WorkFusion’s “what if” was born out of research that co-founders Max Yankelevich and Andrew Volkov sponsored at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL): What if software could learn to identify high-quality work and manage the people who perform it? The solution to this challenging computer science problem turns into WorkFusion’s first product, which uses advanced statistical quality control and machine learning (ML) to orchestrate work.

2014 – 2015: The first AI-driven software bot platform With the foundational data-driven AI architecture in place and insights from visionary early customers, WorkFusion’s R&D and product teams create the world’s first integrated RPA and cognitive automation platform: Smart Process Automation (SPA).

2016 – 2017: Set RPA free and make AI simple Breakthrough technology generally begins as complex, expensive and scarce, and the same was true for RPA. As the category leader, WorkFusion makes RPA simple, free, and widely available with RPA Express: the world’s first free RPA product. AI had historically been a capability reserved for universities and large companies with teams of data scientists and specialized engineers. WorkFusion releases its patented Process AutoML to eliminate the time-consuming and costly data science work of cleansing data, training models, and validating automated work, making AI a capability for business people. Recognizing the lack of high-quality, freely available education about this new and essential domain, WorkFusion launches the first online automation training portal: Automation Academy. The company also significantly expands both its partner ecosystem and global sales and delivery presence – opening offices in Germany, India, France, Singapore, and the UK to support a rapidly growing customer footprint.

2018 and beyond: AI on-demand, more firsts, and proven partnerships As the world moves into an on-demand, as-a-service economy, WorkFusion makes its software-as-a-service automation products an elastic, on-demand capability with the Intelligent Automation Cloud. AI-driven software has become a critical capability and competitive advantage for businesses around the world. Many of the world’s biggest and most venerable companies are using WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation products to transform operations, better serve customers, and create new business models. Our customers consider us their long-term automation technology partner, and we will continue to provide technology to outpace change.

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