WorkFusion White Papers
Financial Services Roadmap: Know Your Customer
This Financial Services Roadmap, focusing on Know Your Customer requirements, delivers keen insights on how to tackle a more robust sanctions compliance program while maintaining (or even reducing!) spending.
Intelligent Automation Delivering the Future of AML
This white paper, co-authored by WorkFusion and Accenture Applied Intelligence, discusses common business challenges, offers insights based on data and customer experiences, and shares practical guidance on how to design your own automation approach to these issues.
Intelligent Automation: A Beacon of Certainty in a World of Uncertainty
No matter the degree or horizon of uncertainty, Intelligent Automation can help manage it — by reducing cost, simplifying customer-facing and internal processes, and future-proofing against unforeseen challenges.
Beyond Limits: Scaling Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation can drive real and sustainable value. In this report, learn about 8 Scaling Factors that will orient your program, guide your investment and help your company achieve the reach, impact, and effectiveness to maximize success.
Cut the Cost, Save the Relationship: Practical Guide to Solving Customer Onboarding Challenges
With growing costs, competition from new rivals, and an uncertain horizon, financial institutions cannot afford cumbersome and inefficient customer onboarding. Download the white paper to learn about 7 automation use cases to slash costs from customer onboarding.
COE 2.0: Dawn of the Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence
A strategic COE can propel digital transformations into high-value, far-reaching and sustainable programs. Unlike those which focus on traditional automation, Intelligent COEs combine RPA with machine learning adoption, change management, and digital integration.
Intelligent Automation and the “New Normal” in Economic Sanctions Compliance
Intelligent automation is changing what is normal, possible, and expected in economic sanctions compliance. Receive an in-depth view of how artificial intelligence can redefine a sanctions program.
Infographic: SAP-certified WorkFusion delivers proven business value
See how SAP users can gain immediate ROI when using WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation Cloud, an all-in-one automation platform: reliable integration with existing business processes, with fast time to value and low total cost of ownership.
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