Insurance Leader’s Guide to the Digital Workforce

Intelligent Automation is the backbone of accelerated growth in insurance operations
Insurance Digital Workforce

Insurance carriers identified significant automation opportunities

Although events of the past two years have shuttered businesses and detrimentally impacted many verticals, insurance companies are among the few which not only didn’t slow down, but actually accelerated certain aspects — figuratively and in some cases literally finding themselves in the center of the storm. While insurance carriers were designed for risk and crisis planning, the insurance industry is less predictable than ever.

As such, many insurance carriers have implemented Intelligent Automation, such as WorkFusion’s Digital Workers, to counterbalance the delta between an ever-increasing number of manual tasks and a shortage of employee capacity to perform these critical activities.

For example, Ilana, our digital Insurance Underwriter, allows professionals to focus on underwriting, not entry- and process-oriented tasks. Rather than being constrained by a definitive set of rules, Ilana offers a more comprehensive and integrative strategy (with the end goal of eliminating tedious manual review entirely).

Read this Insurance Leader’s Guide to the Digital Workforce to learn:

  • The full benefits of leveraging Intelligent Automation
  • How to save 70% of your manual time in handling policies
  • How to significantly improve data quality without additional headcount or new processes