Automate and manage inbound customer email inquiries

Resolve customer inquiries promptly and with the highest service standards by classifying email and attachments and routing emails to internal teams.

The challenge of responding to customer needs

Banks and other FIs need to connect customers with the information they need as fast as possible to keep pace in today’s hyper-competitive financial services market. Yet, it can take weeks to open an account using traditional methods due to the back-and-forth communications required.

Even when customers have been onboarded, service challenges persist as FIs struggle to:

  • Review all incoming customer inquiries quickly
  • Ensure customer SLAs are met
  • Quickly resolve problems and make sound decisions
  • Proactively contact customers to deepen relationships through needs-based conversations

An AI Digital Worker Designed to Optimize Customer Service

The WorkFusion AI-driven Digital Worker, named Casey, was designed to perform a broad range of tasks of varying complexity and scope – to resolve virtually any customer service need that arises. With Casey on the job, it can take as little as minutes to open customer accounts.

Casey works seamlessly with a large number of communications platforms to create a superior customer experience by ensuring every customer inquiry, whether through email or a web portal, is resolved promptly and with the highest service standards. Casey also works across multiple departments, re-routing and helping resolve even complex inquiries.

With her machine learning (ML) capabilities, Casey continuously learns and improves, optimizing customer service without needing any training sessions after implementation.

Watch the below video to see how Casey automates customer service for FIs like yours every day.

Watch Casey at work

See how Casey automates customer service for FIs like yours every day.

What makes our AI Digital Workforce so valuable?

A unique combination of cutting-edge underlying tech, developed through deep partnerships with leading organizations in financial services, insurance, retail, logistics and more.



Seamlessly works with your team, freeing up their time for more meaningful projects



Trained at similar organizations, fully prepared to work on your most complex processes



Continuously learning from your team, your documents, and each other to improve performance every day



In addition to simple RPA tasks, their IDP / AI technologies enable them to read and understand any kind of document