Upcoming Webinars

December 10 | 9 am EST
Scaling Automation with ICA Gruppen
Join Simon Harmark, Chief of Automation at ICA Gruppen, and Brian Briggs, Vice President of Strategic Business at WorkFusion, as they discuss how companies can effectively apply automation and create scale within their organizations.

On Demand Webinars

Customer Screening: Eliminate Manual Work to Eliminate Risk
Join Everest and WorkFusion experts as they discuss how you can improve AML compliance by reviewing fewer false positives and focusing on more high-risk alerts.
Banque de Luxembourg — An Automation Journey
Learn how Banque de Luxembourg, a major European bank, streamlined its most labor-intensive AML tasks, such as Adverse Media Monitoring, while improving organizational functions across the enterprise and amplifying value for customers.
Accelerate Value in Your Business with Intelligent Document Processing
Join Anil Vijayan, a leading IDP analyst and VP of Everest Group, and WorkFusion IDP experts to learn how such solutions handle documents with greater accuracy and are more resilient to changes in document templates than rigid, rules-based RPA.
Future of Work: Your 2021 Automation Roadmap
Join guest speaker Craig Le Clair, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Kyle Hoback of WorkFusion, to learn more about the transformative power of IA and the benefits your enterprise can activate.
Maintaining Business Continuity with Intelligent Automation
Join WorkFusion experts as they discuss how automating processes and focusing the workforce on exceptions & controls delivered from a digital environment can offer a crisis-proof operating model for banks — including proven examples of customers implementing our platform for AML and Account Opening activities.
Automation in 10  Minutes: Automating Adverse Media Monitoring for AML
Join the second installment  of our  weekly  mini webinar series,  “Automation in 10  Minutes,”  where  we dive  into  our  quick and seamless  automation solutions  —  with topics that are perfect for banks who want to improve employee experience and reduce risk of regulatory penalties.
Automation in 10 Minutes: Account Opening
Join the first installment of our mini webinar series, “Automation in 10 Minutes", where we’ll dive deep into our account opening solution. It’s quick and seamless — perfect for new customers who today expect a great digital experience from their bank.
Invest in Employee Experience: Succeed with Intelligent Automation in Banking
Find out how to enhance retention, role performance, and recruitment by augmenting the workforce with automation. Learn on real-life examples of implementing WorkFusion for Anti–Money Laundering (AML) activities.
New Everest Research on Enterprise Intelligent Automation Adoption Maturity
Watch Everest and WorkFusion share the results from the Enterprise Intelligent Automation Adoption Maturity research and compare outcomes with associated capabilities.