Automate transaction screening alert review

Global banks process millions of payments per year. Rules-based sanctions screening software generates a significant number of alerts, but typically 99% of these are false positives. These alerts must be reviewed, which includes identifying people, corporations, locations, and vessels from payment messages and comparing them against such alerts and external sources to recommend whether the hit can be resolved or escalated.

Banks have built large teams of people to manage the manual resolution of such alerts. These employees need to log in to payment sanction screening software, pick up the alerts, review all the hits, clear false positives, escalate true risks, and provide explanations.

The challenge with Transaction Sanction Screening Alert Review

The existing manual process poses these challenges:

  • Customer service delays for real-time payments
  • Key data elements are buried in unstructured comments 
  • No errors can be tolerated due to the risk of fines, so each transaction must have 4-eye checks
  • Any decision must be auditable and justified for regulators
  • Repetitive tedious work might lead to errors
  • Compliance issues with lack of geo-location for cross-border payments  

There is a smarter way

Meet Tara, Your AI Transaction Screening Analyst. WorkFusion’s AI transaction screening Digital Worker, Tara, automates L1 alert adjudications for real-time sanctions payment alerts to protect organizations from processing transactions by sanctioned organizations and individuals. This solution automatically dispositions false positive alerts, mitigating alert fatigue, to empower BSA/AML teams to unlock additional resource capacity. This allows the analysts to analyze, shifting people from L1 screening to more investigative work.

Tara is a top OFAC / AML expert who is laser-focused on keeping your transactions risk-free – all while reducing manual review of false positives by more than 70%. She exercises cautious judgment and continuously learns how to improve her automation rates while reviewing and creating defensible automated decisions for millions of payment alerts annually.

Operations team

Dispositions 70%+ of False Positives

Reduce false positive risk. Our transaction screening alert solution works around the clock reviewing and analyzing alerted payment messages generated from sanctions screening lists. It escalates high-risk alerts to subject matter experts and adjudicates the rest on its own, resolving more than 70% of false positives before they ever make it to an analyst team. It quickly adapts to new regulations and continuously learns while reviewing and analyzing payment transaction alerts. This learning process allows it to exercise cautious judgment, balance speed and accuracy and quickly improve its automation rate for false positives.


Increase Team Capacity

Our AI transaction screening analyst is like an employee who is immediately productive, never tired, and is available 24/7. One Digital Worker can be scaled to do the work of tens or hundreds of employees with production-grade precision. And, because it focuses on painstaking manual tasks, it frees up capacity for the rest of the team to focus on truly investigative AML work. It is also a cost-effective alternative to offshoring, outsourcing or temporary labor – or even BSA officers having to take on some of the workload.

Maintain Compliance at Scale

Powerful AI and machine learning capabilities help our payment screening alert review software review payment alerts at superhuman speed – even when dealing with complex formats like SWIFT messages. It continuously provides written explanations for each decision and defensible automated decisions with AI results that have been trained and tested on millions of alerts. Fewer human touchpoints significantly reduce errors. Tara incorporates geo-location features to ensure you know where the payments are going – not just who they are going to.

Ensure Real Time Payments Stay Real-Time

WorkFusion’s payments screening alert solution can instantaneously resolve sanctions alerts of real-time payments (RTP) – allowing the payment to progress without delay and with no effect on the customer experience.

See Tara in Action

Watch this video to see Tara demonstrate her extensive capabilities as an AML and BSA transaction screening solution.

Make payment screening pain-free