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Meet Tara, Your Transaction Screening Analyst

Tara is a top OFAC / AML expert who is laser-focused on keeping your transactions risk-free
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Team up with Tara to achieve extraordinary results


false positives reduction in hits

payment alerts reviewed annually

Tara’s superpower is to reduce false-positive alerts, but she has so much more to share

Tara Transaction Screening Analyst
Tara Transaction Screening Analyst


  • Payment activity monitoring to ensure compliance
  • Review and analysis of alerted payment messages/cases
  • Creating detailed audit trail



Other aptitudes

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • OFAC
  • KYC
  • AML


  • Low tolerance for risk
  • Fast and continuous learner
  • Adaptive to ever-changing industry regulations

Synergize your organizational knowledge with industry best practices

Tara learning from WorkFusion Network

Even though Tara is a top industry expert, she keeps learning on the job — whether from encounters with new documents or from interactions with your team.

Tara loves documents and data. The more materials she goes through, the higher the precision of her machine learning models. Tara escalates those cases she is not sure about to her team members through the “Human in the Loop” capability. Then, the next time she sees a similar case, she’ll know exactly what to do!

Tara learning from WorkFusion Network

What makes Tara truly one of a kind is her access to the WorkFusion Network, a centralized nexus on industry knowledge and automation know-how.

The Tara in your organization collaborates with the entire multiverse of all Taras across the WorkFusion Network. Although she keeps all specific data private, thanks to a unique fusion-learning approach, she enriches her ML models by constantly looking at documents and processes within the industry as a whole.

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See Tara streamline payment screening alert review

Watch WorkFusion experts demonstrate how Tara:

  • reviews payment alerts generated against sanctions lists
  • searches databases for additional details of people or companies that may be of concern for the bank

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Interested in hiring Tara?

It’s easy! Our automation experts will show you everything you need to know.

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