Meet Tara, your AI Transaction Screening Analyst

Tara is an AI OFAC / AML expert who is laser-focused on protecting your organization from processing payments by sanctioned organizations and individuals.

Meet Tara, your AI Transaction Screening Analyst​

Tara is an AI OFAC / AML expert who is laser-focused on protecting your organization from processing payments by sanctioned organizations and individuals.

Ensuring compliant transactions is more important (and more challenging) than ever before for banks and financial institutions, especially in light of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the escalating adoption of Real-Time Payments (RTP). The extraordinary volume of the resulting transaction sanctions screening alerts have put immense strain on AML compliance teams.

Tara is an AI Digital Worker who addresses this problem by automating the vast majority of work associated with screening transaction sanctions alerts. With unparalleled speed and accuracy, Tara resolves false positives, escalates high-risk alerts to your subject matter experts and helps stop sanctioned individuals or entities from participating in your bank.

Team up with Tara to achieve extraordinary results


false positives reduction in hits


of payment alerts reviewed annually

Tara’s responsibilities as a Transaction Screening Analyst

  • Reviewing and analyzing alerted payment messages (e.g., SWIFT messages) to decide whether the alert is valid or a false positive. If a transaction cannot be confirmed as a false positive, Tara escalates to an analyst for further review.
  • Continuously provide written explanations for each decision. Consult additional third-party sources to research organizations/individuals and support decision.
  • In addition to SWIFT messages, Tara consumes any message type in structured, semi-structured and unstructured format, including ISO 20022, Fedwire, ACH, CHAPS, IAT, SEPA and any custom message types.

Automated Transaction Alert Screening for Sanctions

Tara helps you process payments quickly and compliantly by automating entity recognition and name-matching for people and organizations and comparing them against her decision matrix and historical decisions.

In turn, this reduces customer churn and frees up your compliance team to focus on understanding and responding to industry and regulatory changes. For most organizations, Tara can facilitate a 70%+ reduction in the manual disposition of false positive hits on millions of transaction alerts each year.

Tara integrates with existing systems and software. She comes with out-of-the-box support for Firco Continuity with Case Manager, LexisNexis Bridger XG 5 and OpenCorporates, and can integrate with other systems.


Tara's other aptitudes

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • OFAC
  • KYC
  • AML


Better together: Tara & Evelyn

Tara is just one of the WorkFusion AI Digital Workers who can help your organization with compliance and AML efforts. She works particularly well with Evelyn, our sanctions and adverse media screening analyst.

Both AI Digital Workers can operate in personal or commercial banking, but they help address overall compliance from different angles. Tara reviews alerts related to payments or transactions for existing customers, while Evelyn focuses on reviewing alerts for entities or people that your bank is considering doing business with. In essence, Evelyn supports preventative measures to reject sanctioned entities when an account is being opened or refreshed, and Tara provides ongoing support to ensure that a risky entity cannot conduct transactions with your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tara screens transaction and payment alerts to help identify potentially risky transactions and relationships, and then escalates problematic scenarios to your compliance and AML subject matter experts.
Tara features out-of-the-box support for Firco Continuity with Case Manager, LN Bridger XG 5 and OpenCorporates. She can also integrate with other systems on a custom, ad-hoc basis.
Tara works seamlessly with watchlists produced by these organizations and governments, among others: OFAC, UN Security Council, OCC, HM Treasury, FBI, EU and the Department of State.
Tara can screen alerts for countries, people, organizations, banks, and companies that may be involved in sanctionable activity. Some examples of these activities include human rights abuses, terrorism, cybercrimes, narcotrafficking and the proliferation of WMDs, among others.
Tara and Evelyn work together to automate the majority of tasks performed by L1 analysts, but typically, the goal is not to replace headcount with our AI Digital Workers. The true goal is to expand the capacity, scalability and productivity of your AML and compliance teams.
Not at all! Our transaction screening software focuses on alert review, which typically requires a ton of manual labor due to the high-level of false positive hits.
Yes. Tara does screen real-time payments – in real-time – to ensure payments are moving instantaneously.
Typically, customers do not need to retrain Tara’s underlying decision models. Therefore, it is best to either tune or contact WorkFusion to advise.
Hire Tara Today

Tara is ready to get started immediately, and we think you’ll like her work ethic. Request a demo today to get started!

Hire Tara

Tara is ready to get started immediately, and we think you’ll like her work ethic.  Request a demo today to get started!


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