Automate Know Your Customer

Reduce manual work, lower risks, and deliver a faster and easier onboarding experience for your customers.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC), is integral to the account-opening process and requires verifying a client’s identity and the nature of their business. Banks and other financial institutions are obliged to perform the checks for every new account. Checks must also be made in certain other circumstances, such as when there are suspicions of money laundering or terrorism-related financial risks.

Currently, KYC and account-opening processes create several challenges for banks, because they are:

  1. Manual – work is time-consuming, repetitive, and unfulfilling.
  2. Slow – customers expect same-day service. Yet, processes are slow, and SLAs are under pressure
  3. Costly – manual work requires lots of staff, and slow results cause customers to defect
  4. Fragile – regulators often issue warnings and fines, because many firms’ KYC processes are not robust or repeatable.

AI Digital Workers for KYC

AI Digital Workers transform KYC processes by reducing manual work, lowering risks, and delivering a faster, easier onboarding experience for customers. 


Darryl, the digitally personified CDD Program Analyst, is designed to handle, capture, and interpret ownership and legal structure information for customer onboarding or KYC refresh initiatives. Darryl provides quality assurance reviews on customer documents against customer records.


Kendrick, the digitally personified Customer Identity Program (CIP) Analyst, is designed to protect your organization’s reputation by helping verify the identities of your customers. Kendrick ingests, validates, and extracts customer identity information from client documents and enters the relevant details to protect the organization from inappropriate client relationships. He independently reduces the identity verification process to ensure a smooth customer experience.


Kayla is an AI Digital Worker that provides a dynamic and risk-based approach to automating the KYC process. She augments an organization’s KYC workforce, reduces manual touchpoints, and improves its risk posture. Kayla coordinates monitoring of KYC data points to keep customer profiles up to date, identifies true material changes, sources and enriches data from internal and external systems to assist in KYC review, and simplifies alignment to an institutions’ KYC procedures. Her superpower is her ability to transform KYC operations from periodic KYC to perpetual KYC review — delivering end-to-end straight-through-processing (STP) for specific customer segments and risk levels.

What makes our AI Digital Workforce so valuable?

A unique combination of cutting-edge underlying tech, developed through deep partnerships with leading organizations in financial services, insurance, retail, logistics and more.



Seamlessly works with your team, freeing up their time for more meaningful projects



Trained at similar organizations, fully prepared to work on your most complex processes



Continuously learning from your team, your documents, and each other to improve performance every day



In addition to simple RPA tasks, their IDP / AI technologies enable them to read and understand any kind of document

Adopt a best-in-class KYC operating model