Technology Partners

We partner with leading enterprise software providers to help you better automate your most complex business processes.
Thomson Reuters
Minimizing risk throughout your organization is foundational to its lasting growth and vital reputation. From identity verification and risk assessment as you onboard your business relationships, to the continuous evaluation and investigation of revealed concerns within those relationships, it is mission critical to cover the needs across all your risk-based review requirements. Thomson Reuters and WorkFusion have partnered to bring together premium adverse media & sanctions data with advanced AI technology that automates many of the time-consuming, error-prone tasks related to screening, reviewing, and disposition of false-positive alerts. By utilizing this joint offering, your team of analysts will be able to automate reviews, make more confident decisions, and increase operational capacity, including clearing large backlogs and enabling continuous monitoring.
Nexis® Solutions
The partnership between WorkFusion and Nexis® Solutions advances how the banking industry performs their business processes — including onboarding, ongoing monitoring, preventing sanctioned transactions, and adverse media screening to help companies identify reputational and business risks. WorkFusion Digital Workers Evelyn and Tara are pre-integrated with LexisNexis Risk Solutions products including Bridger, Continuity and Trust, to ensure rapid disposition of alerts.
Dow Jones
WorkFusion’s AI Digital Workers, combined with Dow Jones’ world-renowned and reliable data, gives organizations the assurance they need to manage their adverse media programs with greater efficiency and confidence with drastically reduced staffing costs. WorkFusion’s Adverse Media Monitoring solution integrates directly with Dow Jones’ adverse media data to aid organizations with supply chain management, enterprise GRC management and third-party risk screening, both for onboarding and continuous monitoring. The rich, real time global data feeds properly equip organizations with the tools needed to screen third-party business partners and customers. Additional datasets provide comprehensive coverage of the following areas of risk: Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctions Listings, Special Interest Persons, State-owned Enterprises and Board Members Lists, Adverse Media, and Enhanced Third-Party Validation and Monitoring.
The OpenCorporates partnership means WorkFusion can offer a fully integrated solution for sanction screening that leverages OpenCorporates’ leading legal-entity database providing fresh, standardized, auditable information direct from over 140 state registries and other official primary sources around the world.
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud provides organizations with leading infrastructure, platform capabilities, and industry solutions, delivering enterprise-grade cloud solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs, giving customers a foundation for the future. WorkFusion is partnering with the Google AML Engine, pKYC and adverse media monitoring.
The partnership between WorkFusion and Epiq provides custom AI digital workers for regulatory and compliance needs, enabling organizations to implement real time, data-driven antitrust and white collar compliance programs to identify, measure, and act on organizational risk. WorkFusion is fully integrated with the Epiq Service Cloud to bring AI technology + services to the compliance space.
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