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Analyst Report
The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans
This report by Forrester explains how automation offers a way to mitigate risks that the current pandemic and future crises pose.
Analyst Report
Accelerated Intelligent Automation (AIA) in Enterprises
In this report, Everest Group examines the concept of Accelerated Intelligent Automation and provides a case study of one of WorkFusion customers.
Analyst Report
Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
In this important Everest Group analysis, learn why WorkFusion was named as a Leader among the intelligent document processing vendor landscape.
Analyst Report
Gartner Report: Overhauling Account Opening in Banking
Account opening is one of the most critical processes for banks. Advances in technology are pressuring banks to drive efforts to improve this process — but also offering ways to do so.
Analyst Report
Enterprise Intelligent Automation Adoption Maturity | Pinnacle ModelTM Analysis
Lessons from the best-performing enterprises across Banking and Financial Services, manufacturing and energy
Analyst Report
HFS Top 10 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Products 2019
In its new report, HFS Research named WorkFusion the No. 1 for Overall Innovation in Intelligent Automation.
Analyst Report
Intelligent Automation eBook 2019
This AI Business e-book offers case studies from banking, AML, healthcare & transportation; C-suite interviews & thought leadership; and starter guides.
Analyst Report
Zinnov Zones for RPA Platforms
Zinnov research says more than 5,000 companies use robotic process automation, and more than 200,000 people consider RPA a main part of their job. This report also covers the most important software automation industry trends of 2019.
Analyst Report
Everest Group Research: “Think Banks Have Gotten the Most Out of Automation? Think Again!”
In this recent report, experts at Everest Group Research urge forward-thinking leaders in banking and financial services to delve deeper into automating a range of business processes.
Times UK/Raconteur Special Report: AI for Business 2019 
This “Artificial Intelligence for Business” special report, originally published in The Sunday Times, UK, considers how global enterprise is responding to business innovation and explores some of the opportunities provided by machine learning and artificial intelligence. 
Analyst Report
Intelligent Automation — Accelerating From Short-term Wins to Long-term Strategic Business Outcomes
Everest reports that enterprises which have adopted AI-driven intelligent automation “achieved 4X the ROI, saw 50% improvement in operational metrics, and generated 3X impact compared to other enterprises.”
Analyst Report
Cowen Equity Research Survey: RPA/IA Insights Vol.12
This complimentary report on the rapidly expanding RPA market surveys over 100 top executives. 78% say that they have RPA in or near production, and WorkFusion is named as the number one choice of RPA vendor to invest in.
Analyst Report
Complimentary Capgemini report: Growth in the Machine
This insightful report outlines how financial services can move intelligent automation from a cost play to a revenue growth strategy.
Analyst Report
The Cognitive Corporate Bank
This report from Oliver Wyman’s Celent Research arm provides a timely and concise picture of where the banking industry is, in regards to its use of AI.
Analyst Report
From Task Automation to Digital Capability Creation
This complimentary Everest report explains how to use AI-driven RPA to grow a full-fledged digital workforce.
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