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Maintaining Business Continuity with Intelligent Automation
Apr. 14, 2020
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Jun. 23, 2020, London
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Jun. 24, 2020, Chicago, USA
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Reduction in shipment errors
“We are now driving 80% of our customs paperwork processing through fully automated workflow.”
—Dave Brajkovich, CTO, Polaris Transportation Group and NorthStar Digital Solutions
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Employee productivity
“Benefits for the bank are vast and diverse. It's going to help banking keep up-to-date with other industries.”
—John Gaydon, Head of RPA, Standard Bank
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FTE hours saved annually
“RPA has definitely afforded me the opportunity ... to focus more on bigger projects, the bigger picture.”
—Shakira Kitt, Senior Competitive Analyst, Telogical Systems (R-Path customer)
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