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A regional bank saves up to $3M annually by automating Account Opening and AML

Carter Bank & Trust streamlines heavily regulated areas like identity verification, adverse media monitoring, and fraud due diligence, with considerable cost reduction.

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Key automated processes:

  • Account opening reviews
  • Identity verification
  • Adverse media monitoring
  • and 210 more!

End results:

  • Up to $3M cost reduction
  • 40 employees freed up for higher-value tasks

From manual work and legacy systems to AI-driven automation

Within one year of deploying WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation solution, Carter Bank & Trust had automated over 50 processes, including Anti-Money Laundering and Account Opening & KYC.

The customer also identified 70 more processes where they felt they could unleash trapped value through automation.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Carter Bank & Trust:

  • Increased operational efficiency with Intelligent Automation
  • Shortened customer onboarding cycle with no new third-party integrations
  • Improved employee satisfaction by freeing their time for more meaningful work


Today, RPA software from WorkFusion takes care of 211 processes throughout the bank. Speare estimates the bots save the bank $2.5 million to $3 million a year in labor costs.

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Customer Bonfire Talks with Carter Bank & Trust