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Reimagining Customer Onboarding for Banks

Intelligent Automation in the time of COVID-19 During this global crisis, multiple factors are impacting many critical banking processes, including KYC and Customer Onboarding. In this report, co-authored by Zinnov and WorkFusion, we consider how banks are re-evaluating their operations — with an eye toward the future.
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What you will find in the report

  • Conventional onboarding processes are highly manual and inefficient — see workflow diagrams demonstrating how automating can streamline and speed up this experience for everyone.
  • Overview of navigating challenges associated with COVID-19 — including additional impact on already-complex customer onboarding regulations and guidelines/
  • Results spotlight: By automating just the Identity Verification step of the onboarding process, a major bank was able to cut overall onboarding time by 90% — among other benefits

See a short overview of the report in this infographic.

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