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Accelerated Intelligent Automation (AIA) in Enterprises

Smart Ways to Adopt Intelligent Automation

In this latest report, Everest Group examines the concept of Accelerated Intelligent Automation, shows types of accelerators that can fast-track enterprises on their IA journey and provides a case study with the real experiences of WorkFusion customer Standard Bank.

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Report Highlights

  • Enterprises are deploying increasingly more Intelligent Automation to automate document processing (84% in Q4 2019).
  • Enterprises are looking into ways to accelerate implementation during the 2020 economic slowdown.
  • Accelerators can take many forms: For example, pre-training of intelligent software for specific business functions, such as loan processing or Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • This paper features Standard Bank, one of WorkFusion’s customers, and discusses the steps this large financial institution took to scale and accelerate automation.

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