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Intelligent Automation: Accelerating from Short-term Wins to Long-term Strategic Business Outcomes

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Top banks, insurers, and healthcare systems who have hit a wall with popular rules-driven automation products are looking beyond the first generation of RPA to Intelligent Automation (IA) — which natively integrates AI for processing unstructured data, adapting to variation, and delivering advanced analytics and RPA for repetitive transactions.

Everest reports that enterprises that have adopted AI-driven intelligent automation "achieved 4X the ROI, saw 50% improvement in operational metrics, and generated 3X impact compared to other enterprises." In this report, you will learn:

  • How to define Intelligent Automation
  • Why the benefits of IA are superior to RPA
  • What percentage of enterprises have adopted AI-driven automation
  • Which buying model is superior in the choice between a single platform and a combination of point solutions
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