Meet Evelyn, your AI Sanctions Screening Alert Review and Adverse Media Monitoring Analyst

Evelyn is a top expert in BSA/OFAC requirements, with a passion for sanctions screening alert review, adverse media monitoring and name/PEP screening. She works tirelessly to support your AML and compliance efforts while protecting your organization’s reputation.

Meet Evelyn, Your AI Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening Analyst

Evelyn is a top expert in BSA/OFAC requirements, with a passion for sanctions screening, adverse media monitoring and name/PEP screening. She works tirelessly to support your AML and compliance efforts while protecting your organization’s reputation.

As an AI Digital Worker, Evelyn delivers an immediate and tangible impact by automating many of the time-consuming, error-prone tasks related to adverse news and sanctions alert review.

Evelyn accurately reviews and dispositions false positive alerts at superhuman speed, allowing compliance teams to identify true potential risk faster and with greater accuracy. 

Team up with Evelyn to achieve extraordinary results


reduction in false positives for sanction alerts


reduction in manual review time for adverse media alerts


of alerts reviewed annually

Evelyn’s responsibilities as a Screening Analyst


  • Review and disposition adverse media and customer sanctions alerts as part of KYC or periodic refresh process.
  • Make decisions about the escalation or closure of cases.
  • Conduct searches, gather data and record evidence from internal systems, the internet and commercial databases. When necessary, make inquiries with business or compliance contacts within the organization.
  • Enforce internal strategies, policies, procedures and processes related to monitoring and escalating sanctions alerts and regulatory requirements.
  • Capture and summarize alerts analysis with supporting documentation in adverse media and screening systems.
  • Ensure all alerts analysis and investigations are performed within the timeframe provided in policy and stipulated in SLAs; maintain thorough audit trails.

Sanctions Screening Alert Review

Banks are required to review sanctions alerts that come from sources like LexisNexis Risk Solutions, but this process is laborious and time-consuming for humans. Evelyn’s automated tools and machine-learning capabilities work around the clock to protect your organization from bad actors while relieving pressure on your compliance team.

Evelyn is an expert in PEP and sanctions screening alert review and has superhuman capabilities for quickly gathering high-quality data, conducting searches, navigating your internal systems, and utilizing commercial systems. She constantly learns from the WorkFusion Network and collaborates with your human team members to dial in her confidence threshold while providing detailed reports and audit trails. Ultimately, these efficiencies can save thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

Adverse Media Screening

Evelyn automatically reviews and dispositions customer screening alerts for adverse media, reducing your chances of doing business with risky clients. While a human analyst might need 20 minutes to review an adverse media alert manually, with Evelyn assisting, a person only needs about two minutes.

To accomplish this goal, Evelyn consults third-party sources such as internal systems, the internet, commercial databases and research organizations to support her decisions. Then she highlights high-risk articles for analyst review and provides detailed justification for false positives. With an 80%+ reduction in the time needed to manually review these news sources, the potential savings are massive.

Evelyn’s Other Aptitudes

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • OFAC
  • CAMS
  • AML
  • English and Spanish language support


Better together: Evelyn & Tara

Evelyn is not the only WorkFusion AI Digital Worker who can bolster your compliance and AML efforts. When paired with Tara, our AI transaction screening analyst, this dynamic duo can attack the same problem from different angles.

While both AI Digital Workers can operate within personal or commercial banking, Evelyn focuses on reviewing alerts for entities or people, while Tara reviews alerts related to payments or transactions. Stated differently: Evelyn helps to validate that a person or entity is not under sanctions when an account is opened or being refreshed, and Tara makes sure that a suspicious person is not able to make a transaction. If either Digital Worker detects a suspicious instance in their respective channels, they will forward that case to your analysts for final review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evelyn is AI that augments AML/BSA/FinCrime teams by providing sanctions/PEP name screening alert review and negative news monitoring efforts. Evelyn saves financial institutions time, effort and money and helps ensure regulatory compliance. Evelyn handles the level one, mundane work of dispositioning false positives and identifying the rare true positive risky individuals from onboarding throughout the customer lifecycle – enabling analysts to focus on more investigative and fulfilling work. 

Most screening systems rely on filtering, which involves large lists of rules that are difficult to maintain. As an AI Digital Worker, Evelyn uses machine learning to expand her understanding and capabilities. The more she knows, the more she minimizes sanction breaches and reputational risk.
Evelyn features out-of-the-box integrations for Factiva, LexisNexis, Google News and Refinitiv. However, she can be integrated with any system on an ad-hoc basis.
Evelyn can work with watchlists provided by the following organizations and government agencies: OFAC, UN Security Council, OCC, HM Treasury, FBI, EU, Department of State, and others.
Evelyn screens for countries, people, organizations, and other entities that may be involved in terrorism, human rights abuses, cybercrimes, drug trafficking, proliferation of WMDs, or other sanctionable activities.
Working together, Evelyn and Tara automate the majority of the work performed by L1 analysts. Typically, the goal is not to replace people but to increase the overall capacity and productivity of your team.
No. Our sanctions screening software focuses on alert reviews, which generally require a lot of manual labor to filter out false positives.
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Evelyn is ready to get started immediately, and we think you’ll like her work ethic.  Request a demo today to get started!


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