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pKYC: Avert the Alerts Avalanche

Break the cycle of perpetual inefficiency with an AI-Enabled Digital Workforce
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pKYC Avert the Alerts Avalanche

Conventionally a firm reviews its relationships on a risk-led one-, three- or five-year cycle. This paper is written for organizations that have already come to understand the benefits of perpetual KYC (pKYC) programs — also known as "continuous KYC" or "periodic KYC" — which is dynamic and event-driven, but who need more insight on how Intelligent Automation is the true means to success for this approach, and how Digital Workers can get your program up to speed faster and with fewer errors than you may think possible.

What you will learn:

  • How the overwhelming "alerts avalanche" can be stopped before it ever begins — separating material information from non-material flags
  • How implementing pKYC with Digital Workers makes managing the entire client lifecycle as painless as possible
  • How the right Intelligent Automation platform can orchestrate document handling and alerts disposition to keep your analysts focused on the most valuable tasks and, ultimately, provide better client service

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