CIO’s Guide to Hyperautomation and the Digital Workforce

Download this ebook to learn how forward-thinking CIOs can help their organization navigate a tight labor market and other macroeconomic conditions by “hiring” AI-enabled Digital Workers.

Hyperautomation means automating everything that can be automated. But that is a long and massive undertaking. And the most proven (and prevalent) automations solve a pressing business need. That is why organizations are turning to Intelligent Automation (IA) to help solve this talent dilemma.

While HR departments are on the hook to solve staffing problems, they can team up with their organization’s tech leaders to “hire” Digital Workers: AI-driven solutions that automate entire roles, not just tasks.

Created especially for CIOs, this ebook details why Intelligent Automation is increasingly necessary for enterprises to mitigate the chaos of today’s labor market, including:

  • Current market dynamics driving leaders to automation
  • Significant payoffs for successful automation
  • Strategies for procuring executive buy-in
  • How IA efficiently operationalizes machine learning as a superior alternative to rules-driven RPA
  • How Digital Workers represent a third option beyond the build-vs.-buy dilemma
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