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Removing the False Positives Noise from Adverse Media Monitoring

The benefits of AI-driven adverse media alert adjudication

Compliance teams within banks and other financial institutions (FIs) are inundated daily with alerts produced by their adverse media monitoring / screening tools. Each alert must be researched and adjudicated properly to mitigate risk to the institution. The workload is heavy and tedious for the people taking it on.

But thanks to the smart use of AI, high-volume adverse media alert adjudication has become a problem of the past. Today, a fast-growing number of FIs are using AI adverse media alert adjudication to rapidly scale and improve their adverse media alert reviews. This brief paper explains the difference between adverse media monitoring and adverse media alert adjudication.

Read the paper to learn:

  • How alert adjudication is the true challenge for compliance teams
  • How an AI-driven alert adjudication tool works
  • The operational impact of AI-driven alert adjudication
  • How AI alert adjudication lowers risk and speeds operations
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