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The Intelligent Automation Advantage

To enhance its AML program, Scotiabank deployed WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation Cloud for its adverse media monitoring efforts. If you want to see immediate benefits such as:

  • Better depth and breadth of analysis
  • Increased objectivity and consistency
  • Improved accuracy
  • Full, documented transparency

Learn more about how Scotiabank sees AML as an essential to its business.

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Fighting Financial Crime Through Multiple Means

A full AML program includes multiple use cases, including:

Weeks Go-Live

Fastest time to value

Results like Scotiabank's are within reach for your organization, too. You know where your pain points are in your crime-fighting compliance effort. WorkFusion has pre-built bots that can handle any manual process within the program. What's more, Intelligent Automation Cloud can be implemented and go live for you within 12 weeks — the fastest time to value in the industry.

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