Case Study

Task Routing

Automating Complex Email Intake and Data Ingestion for Task Routing
Customer: Top 10 U.S. bank
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This bank receives over 1 million emails annually from commercial clients. Each message must be categorized into types, and tasks required by each message must be correctly routed in order for client service to begin. The time it took to manually execute this high-volume, highly variable work caused errors and delayed the fulfillment of client requests.


Using WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud, the bank’s operations team configured an optimized workflow that ingests and digitizes each email and their attachments using OCR and RPA. Automation Cloud’s native AI classifies and either executes requests or routes them to the right person. Each time a bot escalates a more complex task to a person, the workflow gets smarter, more work is automated, and fulfillment times drop even further.


The customer exceeded their goal of removing 60% of manual effort, delivering an 89% reduction of effort: The manual effort required to understand the request and validate information went from an average 120 seconds to 32 seconds, and to create a case in the internal system went from 150 seconds to 0 seconds.

Find out more about the AI-driven RPA capabilities in WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud and how we automate work that’s too complex for rules by turning high-volume data into smarter automation.

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