Why SIX Financial Information chose WorkFusion as its long-term Intelligent Automation partner

In this 4-minute case study video, you will see how the world’s premier provider of financial information meets its growing data processing challenge by leveraging WorkFusion’s unique combination of:
  • RPA
  • Document Intelligence
  • Digitizing data
  • People and bots working together
  • Advanced Analytics
You will hear Six Financial Information leaders Urs Grossman (Global Head, Reference Data Operations) and Jérôme Gfeller (Business Analyst, Reference Data Operations) discuss common cost and capacity challenges faced by data operations and why SIX Financial Information chose WorkFusion’s software over any other Intelligent Automation provider.
Questions about their selection process, deployment, or ROI? Feel free to contact us.
Learn more about how WorkFusion’s combination of simpler RPA and Everyday AI makes us the right choice for data-first companies in banking and financial services.
Case Studies

Automation of Trade Finance

This operations team used Intelligent Automation Cloud to fully automate a process, using RPA and Cognitive Automation to accept, classify and extract data, plus update systems with greater efficiency.

Accounts Payable Invoices Automation

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud provides reusable components that any company's Accounts Payable teams can quickly configure, without IT support, to automate their unique invoice handling process.

Email task routing automation

Using Intelligent Automation Cloud, this customer's operations team configured a workflow that ingests and digitizes emails, then executes requests or routes them to the right person.

Anti–Money Laundering: Improving compliance and reducing cost with AI

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Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing PEAK Matrix™ 2019

In this important Everest Group analysis, learn why WorkFusion was recognized for its vision and capability, and was named as a leader among the intelligent document processing vendor landscape.

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