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The State of AI in Banking and Its Optimal Applications.

The world spends $3 trillion annually on data processing and collection, and the financial industry alone spends $42 billion on manual data work each year. Digitization programs focused on margin and customer service improvement have taken aim at this work. At leading institutions, AI-driven RPA is the tip of the spear.

This report from Oliver Wyman’s Celent Research arm provides a timely and concise picture of where the banking industry is, in regards to its use of AI. The report evaluates the maturity of AI-driven applications in different areas of banking and ranks 18 software and services vendors on the number of production AI solutions in 5 critical middle- and back-office use cases:

  • Credit: sales, application/underwriting, booking & servicing
  • Trade finance: document processing
  • Compliance: onboarding, KYC, AML
  • Payments fraud
  • Payments processing

Readers will benefit from business-friendly descriptions of how AI addresses each use case, which will allow leaders to make a case for initiating or focusing an AI-driven digitization effort in these and other similar areas of a bank. WorkFusion was ranked as the No. 1 vendor, out of 18, based on product capabilities and the number of banking use cases in production.

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