Automation Academy Rolls Out LLMs for Better User Experience

Since 2017, more than 50,000 people have attended WorkFusion’s Automation Academy. Automation Academy is a learning management system that offers courses on how to use our products to WorkFusion customers and provides education to WorkFusion employees as part of their onboarding.  

While most of Automation Academy’s 50-plus courses and hundreds of modules are self-guided learning, there are also instructor–led automation journeys. Hundreds of modules can educate a wide range of roles, from automation engineers and IT admins to less technical no-code users who want to leverage our no-code materials to learn how to automate on WorkFusion’s platform and products.  

Making Education Easier with LLMs

Six years of live classes and dozens of modules made it difficult for the 400+ users who log on to Automation Academy every month to find a course, or even find an answer to a question, without a way to search. We know our users are busy and don’t have the time to scroll through an hour-long video on how our AI Digital Worker Isaac escalates transaction monitoring alerts that require deeper investigation when all they want to know is how he provides the supporting narrative and documentation for it all. 

We know our customers are like everyone else in the world. When they want answers, they want them immediately. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend 1.8 hours a day searching and gathering information. That’s 9.3 hours a week or more than an entire day’s worth of work eaten up each week spent searching for answers. That sounds frustrating, especially when you work in a fast-paced environment. You don’t want to waste time looking for something. When you need help, you want it as soon as possible, especially when it’s with a technology like Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or a product you might just be getting used to, like WorkFusion’s AI Digital Workers.  

For these reasons, we’re implementing a large language model (LLM) search engine to boost Automation Academy. It represents a new generation of searching powered by generative AI.

The LLM search engine helps Automation Academy users immerse themselves in the world of Intelligent Automation – whether they are building an Automation Center of Excellence or just want to learn more about how Evelyn performs adverse media monitoring – finding what you need, when you need it, is so much easier. 

The same way LLMs make our own lives easier every day, we are striving to do the same for you. It’s not always easy to search for a quick sentence in a video or scroll through a large PDF. Through LLMs, we’re able to centralize our data so you can get the answers you need quickly.  

Have Questions? Easily Get Answers 

How does it work? For LLMs to be successful, you need training data. So, we crowdsourced content from our website, video scripts, blog posts, you name it. Anything to “teach” the system about our products was uploaded. We know what matters most to our customers, which is why we made sure that we had answers to certain inquiries, then made them a priority.  

Why should a simple search bar matter so much? Whether you’re an internal member of the WorkFusion team or an external customer, you still must take the courses and quizzes whether there’s a search bar or not. We asked one of the leaders of Automation Academy, Vice President of Training & Enablement, Daniel Berroya about why this new functionality was so important. “If you need to learn something or get an answer quickly, it’s easy to get lost in all our documents. We knew we needed to improve the overall experience in Automation Academy, and an LLM-based search bar was the obvious answer.” 

Ready to achieve your online education goals? Type in your questions, get your answers. It’s now that simple. And once you’re there, enroll in our courses. Whether you’re a business user or developer, you can upskill the entire team by gaining advanced automation skills. Start your journey in Automation Academy by enrolling now. 

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