5 Reasons to Attend the WorkFusion Virtual Summit If You Work in Banking

WorkFusion Virtual Summit 2020 is over. Below you can find links to the recordings of keynotes, discussions and product demos that you can now watch on-demand.

The global pandemic is changing the way everyone does business. We are shifting our approaches in marketing to customers, finding new ways our products or services can be useful, and, of course, rebuilding work and communication methods within our distributed teams.

The banking industry, though not among the hardest-hit by the new business reality, has been given a new impetus for transformation. COVID-19 is challenging banks’ traditional habits and pushing them toward digital solutions. Thus, more banking executives are considering Hyper Automation as a transformation tool.

The WorkFusion Virtual Summit on May 12 is the first online conference dedicated to Hyper Automation — and if you work in banking, you should attend.

Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Realize the full potential of automation in banking

Ever since the introduction of ATMs in the late 1960s, banks have been at the forefront of automation. Decades later, the value from automation is only becoming greater, and its implementation more diverse. Automating business-critical and highly manual operations is recognized as an effective way to cut costs during times when profits are bound to dwindle.

During the Virtual Summit, you will get access to discussions and informative sessions that will let you envision the full potential of Intelligent Automation in banking. WorkFusion CEO Alex Lyashok will also share his view on the current state and the future of Intelligent Automation, including its opportunities in banking. 

2. Hear real-life success stories from your peers

Michael Daniels, Head of Operations Shared Services and Business Process Improvement at Standard Bank, will share the bank’s story of automating AML and Account Opening processes, and the immense value gained. He will also discuss the timely issue of automation from home in the age of COVID-19. 

Matt Speare, CIO at Carter Bank & Trust, will share the bank’s experience of scaling an Intelligent Automation program from 1 to 100 use cases, with results that defied expectations.

3. Heed valuable insights from industry experts

The speaker lineup for the Virtual Summit includes an all-star cast of industry experts, strategists, and visionaries who will inspire you with their unique views on automation.

Geoffrey Moore — author, speaker, advisor, and, as of recently, a member of the WorkFusion Board of Directors — will discuss challenges companies face when adopting disruptive technologies and how they can overcome them and maximize their business results.

Craig Le Clair, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, will discuss how the current global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting enterprise automation and how we should respond to it.

4. Target automation opportunities in banking 

Identifying the right automation opportunities is one of the most essential and challenging parts of implementing a successful automation program, along with conducting effective change management.

During this automation conference, several virtual roundtables will include automation experts and banking professionals discussing the transformation of critical banking processes, such as anti-money laundering and customer onboarding, plus opportunities for automation in fighting financial crime.

5. Gain a fresh perspective on automation

Whether you’re already implementing automation in your bank or just considering it, you will gain a fresh perspective and tactical takeaways, to help you break down barriers and create new opportunities.

Don’t miss “Perspectives: Transforming Operations in 2020”, where industry experts Don Callahan and Sameer Jain will share insights and answer questions on the potential of automating operations.

In a time when participating in physical events is not an option, online conferences are an increasingly important means for knowledge-sharing and professional development. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Hyper Automation from the best and brightest in the industry — at no charge!

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