Critical Capabilities of Our Intelligent Automation Platform, Part 2

As you might know, the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation platform has nine critical capabilities, or combinations of essential features and characteristics that enable the successful implementation of Intelligent Automation at enterprise scale. In a previous post, we described five that provide fast adoption and expansion of your automation program. Now, let’s have a closer look at more capabilities, which play essential roles in scaling an Intelligent Automation program across your enterprise.


Analytics (or “Advanced Analytics”) is often singled out as one of the strengths of the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation platform. This capability includes configurable and actionable business and operational analytics for both business users and IT people, and which ensures timely and accurate insights into your business operations, such as:

  • Out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards that provide high-level overviews of the most important KPIs across the ecosystem for IT and business users. They also include use case-specific dashboards for pre-built banking, insurance and cross-industry solutions.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for better insights into your business operations, including customization, sharing, and scheduling.
  • Ability to track SLA compliance of your automated use cases.
  • Capacity planning capability to understand components and infrastructure utilization, gain insights into actual capacity and plan for scale.
  • What-if analysis to predict behavior of a business process or pre-trained bot by changing the parameters and assessing forecasted results.
WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Platform, Analytics
Analytics dashboard in Adverse Media Monitoring use case

The key insights are presented and explained in a business-friendly and understandable way, so that they can be used by business people with no prior experience with analytics tools. All reports and dashboards are also available on mobile devices.

Trust & Security

Data security is among the most widespread concerns associated with automation. To ensure that your data (and the data of your customers) is always kept secure, we provide out-of-the-box security tools in our Intelligent Automation platform which help eliminate security risks during automation deployment, operation and scaling.

Password management tools

workfusion intelligent automation platform trust and security

A special password management tool – Secrets Vault – provides centralized management of secured data used in automated workflows, such as credentials for internal applications and databases. All data stored in the vault is encrypted and is only accessible by the bots during the business process execution. The data is not visible to employees that run the business process and not recorded in the execution logs or any other files.

Integration with CyberArk adds another layer of data protection. WorkFusion was the first RPA and Intelligent Automation vendor to become a certified member of the C3 Alliance, CyberArk’s global tech partner program, as well as the first automation vendor to meet ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security standards.

In 2020, WorkFusion’s SO/IEC 27001:2013 certification was renewed till 2023 and extended to four countries: USA, UK, Belarus and India.

Detailed audit trail

Intelligent Automation Cloud provides full audit functionality to track user and system actions, such as login attempts, users, and roles creations or modifications, etc. Detailed audit logs allow you to get insights into the steps that led to an issue and prevent any security risks in the future.

Role-based access

Role-based access control (RBAC), or the tool’s ability to control and streamline user access to software, tasks, processes, and data, is one of the building blocks of enterprise-level automation security. WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation platform supports a multitude of role-based access permissions depending on what information users can see and what actions they can perform.

Read more about data security tools in Intelligent Automation Cloud→

Automation Orchestration

To ensure end-to-end process automation and achieve efficiency and business agility, the automation platform needs to provide state-of-the-art orchestration capabilities.

WorkFusion has several critical features that provide successful automation and orchestration of complex business processes. They include:

workfusion intelligent automation platform orchestration
Identity Verification use case in Control Tower
  • Execution engines responsible for the correct execution of the workflow and ensure seamless human-in-the-loop experience by controlling work queues, assignments, etc.
  • Orchestration of the collaborative work of multiple bots working within the same use case.
  • Recovery capabilities to fully recover a failed business process and continue its execution with no risk of data loss.
  • A/B testing for business processes and pre-trained bots that allows you to find the best configuration options and setup.


workfusion intelligent automation platform architecture

Building a successful automation program is impossible without tools that provide the IT team (one of the principal shareholders in any automation project) with necessary control over the automation process and related infrastructure to ensure seamless automation scaling. Such tools are an integral part of the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud.

They include:

  • configuration management tools
  • multi-tenancy to fully isolate data, processes, and workflows across different lines of business within one shared environment
  • pre-packaged and configurable logging and monitoring for IT
  • support for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), etc.

The team can deploy the platform on-premise or in the cloud, scale the infrastructure and expand the processing power fast and without manual intervention.

We hope this article gave you a clearer picture of the critical capabilities of the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation platform. If you have any questions, please reach out anytime. 

Last updated on 09/15/2020

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