Critical Capabilities of Our Intelligent Automation Platform, Part 1

Since the introduction of our first automation platform in 2013, we’ve always focused on developing capabilities that bring maximum benefits to customers. We talk to our partners, customers and industry experts about which features and characteristics are most useful and powerful in an automation platform and develop them as part of our Intelligent Automation.

We have sorted these features and characteristics into 9 Critical Capabilities of the Intelligent Automation Cloud, that ensure success across all stages of an automation journey: adoption, expansion, and scaling. In this post, let’s dive deeper into some of these capabilities.

Use case discovery

Identifying use cases that can be automated quickly, and with a clearly defined ROI, is one of the primary challenges companies face when adopting Intelligent Automation. Studies attribute the failure of up to a third of automation projects to a poor choice of use case.

WorkFusion Use Case Navigator
Use Case Navigator, one of WorkFusion discovery tools

To help our customers avoid this outcome, we have implemented use case discovery capabilities, providing fast identification and validation of business automation needs:

  • Use Case Navigation helps users to identify successfully proven use cases across various industries and business functions. These use cases contain key metrics such as expected ROI and benefits and detailed workflow descriptions. Some use cases can be addressed with pre-packaged automation solutions pre-built by WorkFusion.
  • Use Case Evaluation allows validating pre-trained bots as part of packaged solutions quickly and easily, using customer documents and business context.

As a result, customers can identify processes that fit their business needs — within days and with lightweight tools.

Pre-trained bots

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Platform pre-trained bots
Pre-trained bots in the Adverse Media Monitoring use case

What we call a pre-trained bot is a part of a packaged solution that automates a specific task in a business process. We train the bots on a wide range of inputs used in particular business functions, so customers can see the results immediately after deploying automation.

We have identified several critical business functions with the highest demand and potential for automation and developed pre-trained bots for the primary processes in these areas:

Deploying pre-trained bots allows customers to have the automation solution working in production within weeks, not months.

Automation studio

No automation platform can be successfully used in production without intuitive and user-friendly developer tools. Automation Studio, an integral part of our Intelligent Automation platform, is a set of cloud and desktop development tools for both business users and automation professionals. Among others, they include:

  • RPA recorder that allows business users to automate web, desktop, and mainframe applications without any coding or scripting, using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The recorder supports surface-based, object-based and web automation.
  • IDE (integrated development environment) for developers that includes a desktop environment and frameworks for coding bot tasks; a library of pre-trained bots, templates, models, and pre-packaged components; and AutoML SDK for configuration, management, and training of the pre-trained bots.
  • Task designer that allows creating manual tasks for including the human-in-the-loop (HITL) in the business process; and a workflow designer for combining machine learning, manual and bot tasks and other elements into complex automation workflows.

Document intelligence

WorkFusion has always focused on the “Intelligent” component of Intelligent Automation. In fact, our platform is continuously recognized for its intelligent document processing (IDP) and machine learning capabilities by leading analyst firms.

WorkFusion was named a Leader in Everest Group’s IDP PEAK Matrix® 2020

Our Intelligent Automation platform achieves strong results through a combination of several essential features:

  • Optical character recognition converts image-based formats, such as PDF or TIFF, into text for further processing.
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for classification and extraction capabilities ensure the automatic classification of various unstructured documents and extraction of unstructured data from these documents. Including HITL enables learning from corrections as data and business needs change.
  • With the help of natural language processing, bots understand natural language to match, classify, and extract data.
  • Multilingual features enable interactive with different languages and classifying/extracting and learning in these languages.

All this makes it possible to understand and extract data from various structured and unstructured documents, automating processing of these documents with a very high accuracy that increases with every new processed document.

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Every business has its specifics, so there is always a need for custom automation solutions. That is why one of our critical capabilities is Integration: Providing customers and partners with what’s required for integrating the automation platform with various 3rd-party tools, or building custom solutions and UIs.

This capability includes pre-packaged connectors for data import and export to/from various applications, for example, SAP. It also includes integrations with:

workfusion automation platform integration capability
  • enterprise privileged access management platforms to manage user and API access to business-critical and sensitive workflows and data
  • external monitoring platforms, rule and decision engines

If you have any questions about our Intelligent Automation platform or packaged solutions, feel free to reach out anytime — we’re always happy to help. 

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Last updated on July 17, 2020

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