Document Intelligence

Automate processing large volumes and varieties of documents with our pre-built, industry-specific, continuously learning IDP solutions — and enjoy unmatched accuracy and automation rates
intelligent document intelligence in workfusion
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Smart solutions for your document processing challenges

WorkFusion seamlessly augments your workforce with continuously learning AI bots

Document Intelligence (IDP) in WorkFusion
IDP in WorkFusion


Every day, companies like yours must handle massive volumes of documents, from emails to identity documents forms to legal files, arriving in paper and electronic formats.

Employees must digitize these documents, plus extract, classify, and validate relevant data. After that, they must update the information across core internal systems. All these tasks are highly manual, error-prone, and of relatively low value to the company.

Rules-based RPA tools can’t automate processes with unstructured data, and most IDP platforms specialize in only a few document types. As a result, you end up with multiple tools to integrate and maintain.


With WorkFusion’s industry-leading Document Intelligence, you can automate document processing, boost the accuracy and speed of operations, and save millions.

  • Out-of-the-box AI bots are pre-trained on industry-specific documents and can start processing documents on Day 1, with no code and data scientists.
  • Continuous Learning AI provides constant improvement of bots through Network Learning and model re-training by business users via human-in-the-loop.
  • A/B testing and analytics allow users to compare different bot versions and upgrade them over time.
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Document automation, the intelligent way

Pre-trained machine learning models

Start processing structured and unstructured documents right away with out-of-the-box machine learning models. Quickly tune the models in real time on just a few documents.

With no need for data scientists!

Wide range of documents and data inputs

Process all sorts of documents, in 40+ languages and language variations: from passports and ID cards to invoices and ACORD forms. Automate PDFs, images, Excel files, HTML pages, and other data formats.

40+ languages and language variations are supported.

Advanced document understanding

Recognize and process handwriting, signatures, checkmarks, logos, stamps, barcodes, and other “tricky” elements, with advanced OCR and data cleaning/analysis tools — even in low-quality documents.

ML visibility
Complete visibility and model governance

Gain full visibility into the model’s performance and understand how it makes decisions.

Quickly detect model degradation to determine when the model needs re-training.

Real-time, no-code, continuous learning

Continuously improve your bots through automated model re-training.

ll documents that knowledge workers process in our human-in-the-loop application are captured and added to new data sets, which our patented AutoML technology uses to re-train models.

Network Learning WorkFusion
Network Learning for hyper growth

Leverage the shared knowledge of the WorkFusion Network community and improve your automation solutions exponentially via Network Learning.

The data is protected by Differential Privacy, eliminating any data security risks.

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Breakout results at breakneck speed

Our intelligent document processing solutions are designed to automate specific business functions fast, with proven results


Decrease in handling time

for Identity Verification when onboarding new customers, enabling a superior customer experience


Manual work reduction

for Name Screening Alert Review process, allowing employees to focus on more valuable tasks


Reduction in false positives

for Adverse Media Monitoring for AML, creating higher data accuracy and process efficiency

WorkFusion recognized as Leader in IDP

Top analyst firms, including Gartner and Everest Group, agree:
When it comes to Intelligent Automation and IDP, WorkFusion is leading the way

The world’s leading companies, our leading customers

The world's top companies in various industries rely on WorkFusion for document processing automation

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Polaris Transport Group

A leader in transport and logistics in North America uses our IDP solutions to automate 80% of processing for their customs documents, reducing turnaround time and error rates to levels beyond expectations.

  • 80%
    Paperwork processing automated
  • 90%
    Reduction in shipment errors
Standard Bank

Standard Bank leverages WorkFusion's Document Intelligence to automate document processing for customer onboarding, decreasing its account opening time from 23 days to 5 minutes.

  • 1M
    Transactions automated monthly
  • 60%
    Cut in customer verification time
Axis Bank

The third-largest private sector bank in India automates document processing in Account Opening and KYC operations, dramatically reducing onboarding times and improving customer satisfaction.

  • 170K
    Checks processed daily
  • 70%
    Reduction in errors