Why R-Path Partnered With WorkFusion to Grow Their Business

There’s an emerging, even more compelling growth story to be told around process automation: Entirely new businesses can form around RPA, and small businesses can grow bigger through the exponential productivity that automation software allows.  

R-Path Automation and Telogical Systems are two great examples of this business creation and growth. 

Automation consulting firm R-Path helps businesses use robotic process automation and RPA tools to improve business outcomes. Its client, Telogical, had maximized what they could do with their staff and wanted to scale rapidly — but didn’t want to hire more workers to do the kind of data-gathering that can be quickly and accurately automated. 

R-Path shortlisted four software solutions and recommended WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud

Jim Frost, R-Path’s Solutions Partner, said, “Telogical’s business revolves around monitoring telecommunications providers’ offerings, pricing, packages, and more across hundreds of sources a day. The primary use case was to automate monitoring that data and compare it to Telogical’s master data.” Telogical also delivers competitive insights to their clients via email and wanted to automate that end-to-end process too. In short, they required a versatile solution that could address multiple, disparate challenges, and WorkFusion’s software fit the need.  

Capability wasn’t the only factor. As a smaller company with big growth ambitions, Telogical didn’t want employees to spend valuable time learning a complex, cumbersome software product. They knew time was better spent quickly delivering value to clients. Compared to other products, they recognized that WorkFusion’s dashboard is more intuitive and easier to understand, because it was built for business people without software-development expertise. 

You can be a very smart business user and, with good training, start using WorkFusion a lot faster. With WorkFusion’s help, we were up and running in a production environment within one day.

Jim Frost, R-Path Automation

R-Path also was careful to choose an automation software product that comes with a supportive, proactive team behind it. RPA is still a new capability and getting the most out of it often means spending some time with the people who know it best. WorkFusion customers benefit from support and education, often in the form of courses on the Automation Academy training platform.  

WorkFusion applauds the team at R-Path Automation, and what they are achieving for their clients. To learn more about R-Path and how they saved a client 10,000 hours of manual effort by automating a single use case, read this short case study.

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