All About You in 2022: New Year, New Relationships, New Opportunities!

In the three months since taking the helm as CEO here at WorkFusion, I’ve grown more enthusiastic about the company with each passing day. One of the highlights of my tenure so far has been meeting many of our customers across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and other leading industries to gain a deeper understanding of how WorkFusion helps enterprises build a high-value digital workforce.

I have been grateful for all the honest feedback from the many automation leaders who have come to trust in us as part of their mission-critical automation journeys.  

WorkFusion had a remarkable year in 2021. Now, in preparation for a new phase of growth in 2022, we are hard at work on some significant changes that will place our customers at the very heart of our business. Highlights will include:

  • New packaged offerings that make it easier to deploy our digital worker solutions, for faster time to value 
  • More user groups and networking opportunities, creating spaces to share best practices and learn from other automation practitioners and professionals 
  • Expanded relationships with technology and integration partners 

Another exciting addition is our creation of the Chief Customer Officer role. Longtime WorkFusion executive Alexey Vitashkevich will step into this expanded and essential role, where he will lead our efforts to: 

  • Identify and document customer needs and expectations to optimize all customer experiences with our company
  • Spearhead customer-centric initiatives companywide and support our front-line employees to provide exceptional experiences across every touchpoint and interaction

We are eager to implement these important initiatives and provide even more value for regulated enterprises around the world.

Especially in this challenging time, the WorkFusion team appreciates all the opportunities we’ve had during 2021 — for innovation, thought leadership, and community building as part of this incredible, fast-growing software sector. Thank you for being a part of our automation conversation.

Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, and abundant New Year!  

— Adam Famularo 

Adam Famularo
Adam Famularo

CEO, WorkFusion

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