Not Just for Engineers: Power User Certification Gives Anyone Excellent Insight on AI

Tom Bulgin is CEO at Bulgin Consultancy, which specializes in assisting companies and start-ups in management, development and strategy. He recently shared with his LinkedIn network that he was “really proud” to have completed all four WorkFusion Power User certificates from Automation Academy, and called the program “a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening self-learning course that I would highly recommend.”

We reached out to Tom to hear more about his experiences with Automation Academy, the path that brought him here, and what he might like to share with our community.

How did you hear about Automation Academy?

My sales career started in financial services, and after exploring other industries, I’ve recently decided to return to the financial sector. In the interim, financial technology has evolved, and I think AI is fintech’s most exciting area of specialization. In discussions with some influential and experienced fintech colleagues, WorkFusion was repeatedly highlighted to me as a leader in the space, so I decided I needed to educate myself about WorkFusion’s package of services. I installed RPA Express* immediately and from there came across Automation Academy.

Was it difficult for you to find the motivation to start, or to dedicate the time required? Did your motivation carry on throughout the course?

Motivation was not a problem for me, but it certainly took a high degree of effort as this was a completely new subject area for me. You cannot be successful in sales without a high degree of tenacity and drive, and I decided that obtaining the Power User certification was a key part of my strategy for re-entering the fintech solution sales environment. I believe that earning the certificate gives me a deeper understanding of the industry in general, informs me of the newest technology applications and innovations, and demonstrates to prospective clients and employers that I am more than capable of learning about new tech. And expressly because I am a sales guy — not a developer or solutions implementation specialist — I am especially proud that I was able to obtain the full Power User certification.

Was there any point at which you almost gave up on a course? Which one(s) and why?

At no point was I going to give up! However, there were very tough challenges. The hardest section for me was the practical tests in “RPA Express: Introduction & Getting started”.

Do you have advice for someone at the very beginning of their automation journey?

I would advise that it is tough in parts, especially the practical sections, but stick with it. And to keep in mind that there is no single right answer for any of the assignments: There are multiple ways to approach each challenge, and yours might be very different (and smarter!) than anybody else’s. I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and personally fulfilling exercise; I have never done anything like it before and feel a high degree of personal satisfaction and achievement. This accomplishment has given me great confidence and further increased my motivation toward securing a solutions sales role within the exciting AI community.

*RPA Express is no longer included in WorkFusion’s product offering.

tom bulgin
Tom Bulgin

CEO, Bulgin Consultancy

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