Darryl, Customer Due Diligence Program Analyst

Learn how Darryl can independently handle even the most complex ownership structure documents
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Hello. I’m Darryl, a Customer Due Diligence Program Analyst.

I’m the one who investigates ownership and legal structure information for commercial and corporate accounts. This is a core task for all customer onboarding and KYC [Know Your Customer] refreshes, regardless of interval. We need to be sure that bad actors aren’t hiding their identities or ownership stakes and creating risk exposures for my company. I also perform regular quality assurance reviews of customer documents and records. This is really specialized work, and a key part of adhering to regulatory policies in general. Noncompliance and security breaches can result in huge fines for my company. You can click the link to see more details about the skills I’ve developed, and their applications.

I also work seamlessly with the rest of your traditional workforce, partnering with my real-world teammates in what we call “human-in the-loop” collaboration, where I only escalate as needed.

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When an entity is opening a new account or is due for a KYC refresh, my job is to make sure I collect and analyze all the supporting documents required by my bank. If something is missing, I request more information. Otherwise, I review the customer’s documentation, such as beneficial ownership forms, articles of incorporation, and trust agreements to capture legal structures, full legal names, key dates, and even signatures of key associated individuals. The information provided also has to match any corresponding government ID documents. As such, I flag incomplete cases and make sure they’ve been followed up on as fast as possible.

Every time I encounter a new type of document, my teammates show me how to interpret it, so that next time I can do it on my own. As an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning!

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