Your dream team

Our highly skilled and experienced AI Digital Workforce will make your organization more productive and support improved customer satisfaction. They are easy to engage and deliver value from day one.

WorkFusion digital workforce


Choose any deployment method that works for you, from SaaS to on-prem. No coding, no lengthy integrations.


Train on your data in hours, not weeks. Our Digital Workers arrive knowing exactly what to do next.


When digital peers augment your human team, expect to unlock capacity and accelerate business growth.

Which AI Digital Worker should join your team?

Already achieving impressive results at your peer organizations, these are the skills they bring to the table:


Evelyn, Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening Analyst

I eliminate over 95% of false-positive alerts.

Tara digital worker

Tara, Transaction Screening Analyst

I help you quickly disposition payment alerts to stay compliant.

Casey digital worker

Casey, Customer Service Coordinator

I ensure 100% of your customers receive an immediate reply.

Kendrick digital worker

Kendrick, Customer Identity Program Analyst

With me, the KYC process takes only minutes (not days).

Isaac, Transaction Monitoring Investigator

I auto-close level one alerts and auto-escalate alerts that require deeper investigation.


Kayla, pKYC Review Analyst

I keep tabs on your customers across an ecosystem of systems and sources.

Darryl digital worker

Darryl, CDD Program Analyst

Hire me to process ownership structure documents 4X faster.

Ilana digital worker

Ilana, Insurance Underwriter

I help you grow your business by freeing up 70% of underwriters’ time.

Need a AI Digital Worker to fit a more specific role?

Building a custom Digital Worker is easier than finding, hiring and onboarding a team of people.

What makes our AI Digital Workforce so valuable?

A unique combination of cutting-edge underlying tech, developed through deep partnerships with leading organizations in financial services, insurance, retail, logistics and more.



Seamlessly works with your team, freeing up their time for more meaningful projects



Trained at similar organizations, fully prepared to work on your most complex processes



Continuously learning from your team, your documents, and each other to improve performance every day



In addition to simple RPA tasks, their IDP / AI technologies enable them to read and understand any kind of document

Interested in hiring WorkFusion’s AI Digital Workforce?

It’s easy! Connect with us to see how.

Interested in hiring WorkFusion’s Digital Workforce?

It’s easy! Connect with us to see how.