Smart people + smart machines: How WorkFusion uses machine learning

WorkFusion provides software-as-a-service to enterprise companies.

The WorkFusion platform automates human data analysis by leveraging machine learning algorithms.

WorkFusion provide business users all of the tools they need to optimize information processes and better manage global workforces.

Your brain just performed a spectacularly insightful operation.

Using unique human cognition, you extracted meaning and created relationships between the ideas in these sentences to construct a chance conceptual definition of what WorkFusion does.

By combining human intelligence with machine learning, enterprise businesses are automating this type of complex operation and many others – from trade settlements to risk data aggregation to entity descriptions and hierarchies.

Written for business executives, this paper provides a working knowledge of machine learning and case studies of how global data operations have used WorkFusion to radically improve data quality, speed, and ROI. For more information about WorkFusion or to set up a 1:1 demo, please email

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